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       Don’t be shy…Come get to know us a little better

         WE’RE TrendSavvy.

Situated in the heart of Montreal, we’re a group of fashion fanatics, luxury lovaas and (non) recovering sunglass addicts who are passionate about sharing this obsession with our friends (that’s you btw..).


We curate new events daily featuring the hottest items at the most exclusive prices. Events typically begin at 9am eastern and quantity is almost ALWAYS limited so SET your alarms or you might miss out on an incredible find.

Why are we so special? Well you already know about the insane brands and prices we have to offer but what we really pride ourselves on is our personalized customer experience. Need help choosing an item, we got you covered, Need something in time for a special event? We can make it happen. Need a friend to console you after that traumatic Grey’s Anatomy episode…ummmm ya sure we can talk about that…Oh, and very important we like to keep these deals within our little group of friends. Don’t worry though. Membership is free and you are definitely invited.

Ready to shop? (thought you’d never ask)

Xoxooxo TS